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Management Consulting for Start-Ups and SMEs
Glocal: globalise for reach, localise for impact |  +44 (0)208 133 4269
We help to identify your pain points and challenges and understand your processes, proposing and implementing innovative solutions to the optimisation of your business.
Key areas: sales and marketing, financial analysis and modelling, systems engineering and optimisation, operations, project management.
Understanding the industry and macro picture in the context of your business will define your competitive advantages, business opportunities and therefore the strategic direction your business should take. 

Key areas: company, industry and macro analysis, SWOT analysis, core competencies, competitive advantages, value chains.
Glocal: globalise for reach, localise for impact. Via intelligent localisation campaigns we can help you grow by entering new geographies leveraging local knowledge with regards to language and culture.   

Key areas: local market research, specialist and targeted localisation, campaign management, customer contact.                                                      

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Examples of Success

See how our consulting has helped our clients become more successful. Let us help you to help yourself!

MAIC Museum 

We helped MAIC in 3 areas: 1) define and implement a successful business strategy for their international supplier, insurance and logistics requirements, 2) design, optimise and implement the research operations processess, 3) localise the museum content for the USA and Canada. 


An in-house project, we have taken Hamazing from a start-up to a European leader in the Spanish gourmet food produce space. In 2014 is expanding in to new markets and localising for impact across Europe.   

Regal Beloit 

Regal Beloit is expanding its Mexico operations. We undertook local research, with our specialists localising the campaign for maximum impact. 


Flocktracker is revolutionising urban data collection. We have helped in the business and commercialisation strategies, helping them on their way to winning the Naranya Challenge for start-ups as well as contracts in the public and private sector. 

Glocal Consulting

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